Product Design

Dynamic, innovative product design and development – from start to finish.

Ready to bring your product concept to life? Vexon’s product design and development services take an integrative, whole-picture approach – from research and planning, all the way to manufacturing.

Our highly qualified product design team will use their extensive knowledge of industrial design and engineering design to develop strategy, prototypes, and a final concept that fits your vision.

Why choose Vexon for your product design?

A Trusted Team of Leading Experts

You can feel confident knowing your product design and development is in the hands of Vexon’s highly qualified designers, strategists, and engineers.

Top Quality Products

Vexon promises quality products that stand up to our rigorous product testing process and are manufactured by trusted partners.

Unbeatable Innovation

Through market research and a creative, strategic approach, we promise innovative product designs that stand out on the market.

A Rigorous Design Process

Our team performs intensive planning and research, concept design and prototyping, as well as engineering, testing, and manufacturing support to bring you the best possible results.

Here’s how Vexon’s product design team takes your idea from concept to reality.

Contextual Research

After you provide us with your product design concept, we’ll dive into research and planning to gather all necessary information. We research the people, markets, trends, technology, brands, and cultures related to your industry to ensure a comprehensive, informed approach.

Strategic Innovation

Innovation is a vital step to ensuring your product grabs attention in the marketplace. Our team will strategize innovative approaches to the creation of your product – doing what hasn’t been done before and ensuring your product is one-of-a-kind.

Market Research

By investigating your target market, our team develops an in-depth knowledge of that market’s needs, priorities, and complexities. We’ll ensure your product is uniquely tailored to your market sector.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers consider the product’s materials, assembly, quality and price to ensure the best outcome. Engineers refine the design using mechanical system design, electro-mechanical design, 2D production drawings, detailed 3D CAD modelling, material and process selection, and more.

Prototype Creation

The prototyping stage allows the designers to understand how the product looks, functions, and performs – prior to investment in large-scale manufacturing. Generally, the team will create a range of prototype models to help make decisions for the final product design.

Concept Design

In the conceptual design stage, we apply our research and begin to bring your idea to life by focusing on the design of the product’s details. Our team does this through detailed sketches, renderings, and outline CAD models.

Product Testing

Our top priority is delivering products that are reliable and safe. Your product will be rigorously tested to ensure it holds up to repeated use and performs as promised.

Manufacturing Support

Efficient, high-quality production is an essential part of your product’s success. We’ll support you in the manufacturing process by helping you find a cost-efficient, reliable source for your product’s manufacturing.

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Effective product design requires a thoughtful approach from a knowledgeable team. Vexon’s team of designers, strategists, and engineers bring a creative approach and an innovative touch to your product design – prioritizing in-depth research, as well as your unique vision.

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