Project Management Consulting

Strong project management is key to any organization’s success. Turn to an expert team of consultants you can trust for your project management consulting needs.

Your organization’s high-impact, time-sensitive projects are critical to both your daily operations and overall success. Without proper project management, your organization’s goals could be at risk. Vexon’s consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to help your company establish a strong, effective approach to project management – including the nuanced processes and careful strategy it requires.

Why turn to Vexon for project management consulting?

Knowledgeable Team of Experts

Vexon’s highly qualified project management consultants have years of experience supporting clients in optimizing their project management operations and procedures.

Prioritizing Your Needs

Vexon takes an in-depth look at your needs, goals, and current procedures to find project management solutions that fit your unique organization.

Innovative Strategy

By keeping up with the latest developments in project management, Vexon prioritizes innovation and knows the newest trends in the PM world.

A Comprehensive Approach

From assessment of your current procedures, to identifying software suited to your needs, Vexon’s consultants bring a holistic approach from start to finish.

Vexon’s project management consulting includes:

Project Management Assessment

We begin by assessing your current methodologies and strategies of project management through a formal assessment process, analyzing several success factors and key indicators. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making, communication, and governance to help create a roadmap for improvement.

Strategy Realization

Next, we build on any established frameworks, processes, and disciplines across your organization to accomplish the essential objectives for your success. We also help you align your resources throughout the organization to ensure the most important things get done. We develop strategies that are uniquely suited to your needs.

Process Enhancement & Implementation

By aligning your portfolio of projects to your organization’s strategic goals, we’ll assist in establishing enhanced project prioritization, processes, resource assessment and more. We’ll also help develop tools, templates, and other collateral that will keep your projects, goals, and objectives on track. In many cases, we can also provide on-site project director training and development opportunities for your PM staff.

Software Selection & Implementation

In today’s digital world, organizations have a wide range of project management software to choose from. By understanding your goals and requirements, we provide guidance on selecting the right management software solution that is aligned with your needs. We’ll provide support for the end-to-end implementation of PM software to ensure a smooth integration with other technology and with your other daily processes.

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